At With All My Heart, we are on a mission to rescue orphaned and neglected children and provide them with a loving family. We care for the neglected children in Haiti through the following avenues:

Our Rescue Work

Our Chicken Farm

Feeding over 1,000 children a day through the local school.

Hope House Rescue Home

Our Rescue Home will be the permanent
residence for up to 60 orphaned children.

Hope Village

Caring for families in a desperate place by providing housing, fresh food, and an
education for the children in need.

What Can I do?

Give to the Cause

100% of all online donations are given directly to rescue children on the brink of death.

Take action

Through the Foundation, Your business, church, or family can  adopt a project  in Haiti to build or support.

Become a partner

Partner with us in prayer as we pray daily for protection, provision, and redemption for the children in Haiti.

Follow us

Be sure to follow us online, we would love to connect with you:

Our Orphan Care continues to rescue and provide a home and care for 98 children

98 children

When you support orphans, you're giving children a family.

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