We search for the lost,
broken, and neglected.

And welcome them HOME.

Restoration begins in our

Our rescue homes are a place where young disciples are filled and healed by the power of Jesus. Children are no longer orphans, but cherished sons and daughters, raised in a
loving family.

 Once a child is rescued,  he/she is raised in our home to become a whole, healthy, and a confident young man or woman who knows Christ and His overwhelming love for them .

Baby Micah, the newest member of our family was rescued as a baby when his momma left him at our home.

Read Micah's Story

We are redeeming the stories of orphaned children. This is how:

A Loving Family

From the moment a child is rescued from the streets, hospital, or left at our front porch, the rescued child lives in our home and permanently becomes apart of our family. They are cared for by Mama Yvrose and Papi Pierre, surrounded by brothers and sisters, and in an environment where they are known and adored. We believe every child needs a family and a safe place to be fully loved just as they are.

Holistic Orphan Care

All of the children living in our homes receive holistic orphan care which goes beyond meeting a child's physical needs including a warm bed, daily meals, an education and medical attention. Additionally, the Holistic Care we provide treats the emotional and social needs of a child as well. Many of the children suffer from childhood trauma and need counseling and therapy to heal
their tender hearts.

Spiritual Discipleship

We believe we are raising the next generation of spiritual leaders in Haiti. It is our highest priority to spiritually disciple each child and teach them the word of the God. We start and close each day with
worship and prayer in our homes. Our children serve and belong to our local church and the family unit is continually equipping each child to fulfill the calling that the Lord has placed on their lives.

Our Orphan Care continues to rescue and provide a home and care for :

98 children

When you support orphans, you are giving children a family.

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