We believe every child is worthy of a home, family, and love.

Restoring families is the key to changing future generations.

We are equipping & supporting struggling parents through
our Family Village

The With All My Heart Foundation works in three of the highest needs villages in Haiti to support, provide aid, and create jobs for families in a desperate place.

Our Family Village project is a community empowering families in a desperate place with resources to care for their children.

When poverty stricken families are struggling to care for their children, they often make the devastating decision to abandon their child that they struggle to care for. This is why we step in and help these families with food, medical help, and a place to live. The care we provide for families prevents parents from abandoning their own children that they love. We call this process "Orphan Prevention."

Rebuilding Families by Strengthening them at the Core.

Restoration starts with Family.

In 2021, the With All My Heart Foundation will begin the development of our own Family Village by building homes for 10 homeless families. The children living in our family village community will receive an education through our local school, daily meals through our farm, spiritual discipleship through our local church, and medical help when needed. By helping care for the physical needs of these children, they can remain in the loving arms and care of their mother and/or father while being cared for by the resources in our community.

Our ultimate goal is that children would be able to live and be raised by their biological parents and siblings.

The Vision Behind Hope Village

In 2018, Melany Boughman traveled on a mission trip with the Foundation to Haiti. Having four children of her own, she couldn't fathom the grief and pain a mother felt abandoning their child because there was no way of feeding her baby. Moved with compassion, Melany wanted to create a solution for these struggling families and birthed from that vision is our family village.

This is Joseme

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The Vision Behind Hope Village

This is Joseme

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The Family Village is our orphan prevention project providing a community and home for

10 families

Each home costs $7,000. We are raising $70,000 to complete the village this year.

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When you give to our Family Village, you are giving to Orphan Prevention by providing a safe home for young children.

Each home costs $7000

We are raising $70,000 to complete the village.

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