Our mission is simple.
We rescue orphaned children into our family.

With All My Heart Foundation was established when God showed us His orphaned children in Haiti who were suffering, starving, & exploited into human trafficking.

Since that day, We have been on an orphan rescue mission providing holistic orphan care and a loving family for these children.
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We believe in Family.

Together, we are redeeming the stories of Haiti's most vulnerable children through our rescue team.

Every day in haiti, over 1,000 children die from hunger. Poverty is the problem and hunger is the outcome.
These hungry children without parents are living on the streets of haiti and will often turn to slavery in exchange for their next drink or meal.
This is where we step in...
We rescue orphaned children on the brink of death and take them into our loving family where they receive the love and care to grow and thrive.

Every child's needs are unique to their situation, personality & background.

We meet each individual need through the following ways:

Our story started the day we changed hers.

Your generosity is saving lives everyday.
Thank you for allowing us to step into the darkest villages and be a light for Haiti's most vulnerable.

Help Send Children to School for the First Time

Education is the key that unlocks the poverty cycle. When we give children a chance to go to school, we are investing in their future. The foundation meets the ongoing needs of local orphan homes by providing education and shelter for children.

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Be Apart of The Baby Rescue Team

Babies are Haiti's most vulnerable children. In third world countries, they are prone to sickness and disease. Our baby rescue team takes in vulnerable babies to nurture and care for them until they are healthy and whole.

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What Can I do?

Give to the Cause

100% of all online donations are given directly to rescue children on the brink of death.

Take action

Through the Foundation, Your business, church, or family can  adopt a project  in Haiti to build or support.

Become a partner

Partner with us in prayer as we pray daily for protection, provision, and redemption for the children in Haiti.

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