Our mission is simple.
We rescue orphaned children into our family.

With All My Heart Foundation
was established when God showed us His beloved orphaned children in Haiti who were suffering, starving, & exploited into human trafficking.

Since that day, We have been on an orphan rescue mission providing holistic orphan care and a loving family for these children. Additionally, we serve at-risk families with programs designed for sustainable change.
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Healthy homes are where tomorrow's leaders are grown.

We are serving our community through these programs:

Our journey in Haiti started the day we changed hers.

With your help, we are rescuing & redeeming the story of the vulnerable before they are exploited. This is our reality:

Every day in haiti, over 1,000 children die from hunger. Poverty is the problem and hunger is the outcome.
These hungry children without parents are living on the streets of haiti and will often turn to slavery in exchange for their next drink or meal.
This is where we step in...
We rescue orphaned children on the brink of death and take them into our loving family where they receive the love and care to grow and become all the Lord called them to be.
Help Build a Water Well for our new Family Village

Most of Haiti's children are currently drinking from unclean reservoirs, leading to sickness and disease. When you give the gift of clean water, you are giving life to our children.

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Provide for a Family through our Orphan Prevention Program

When a family can't provide food, water, or shelter for their children, they often abandon a child on the street.. Our Family Village is a community equipping families with the resources they need to care for their children and prevent the children in their home from becoming orphans.

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Be Apart of The Baby Rescue Team

Babies are Haiti's most vulnerable children. In third world countries, they are prone to sickness and disease. Our baby rescue team takes in vulnerable babies to nurture and care for them until they are healthy and whole.

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What Can I do?

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100% of all online donations are given directly to rescue children on the brink of death.

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Through the Foundation, Your business, church, or family can  adopt a project  in Haiti to build or support.

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Partner with us in prayer as we pray daily for protection, provision, and redemption for the children in Haiti.

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